Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Join The Berry Shoals Band Next Fall!!

Coming April 18th and 20th in the Berry Shoals Bandroom . . . .

BAND SIGN-UPS!!! (for the 2017-2018 school year)

come either day from 3-6 to try out an instrument and learn about ways to start playing as early as June!

Instrument options (in parenthesis are the number of spots available):
Flute (20)
Clarinet (20)
Saxophone (14)

Trumpet (20)
French Horn (8)
Trombone (10)
Baritone (10)
Tuba (12)

Percussion class is admitted by Audition ONLY!
Students do not have to come prepared
We do not teach drum set
Percussionists will play mostly keyboards, and snare. (16)

Important information below!!  Please Read!!

Music & Arts is our exclusive dealer and provides the BEST services and rental equipment for your children!  I know you want the best for your child and having a bad instrument in band would be like showing up to a car race in a Prius.  There will be representation there the night of the sign-ups to allow you to order an instrument and not worry about it all summer long!  Bring payment methods to complete the paperwork with you!  The instruments you have to provide on your own are: Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone (alto), trumpet, trombone (w/trigger), and percussion.  All others are rented through the school.

Instrument choices are based on ability, musical background, and first come first serve.
If you have questions, use the comment section below to ask or email me directly.  You can also join the blog to find out when I post something new for both parents and students.
Hope to meet you soon!

Mr. Valentine

Friday, December 16, 2016

The Results are IN!

Everyone have a great holiday break!!  We will probably do some chair challenges when you get back so practice up!

Honor Band 1 Roster

Honor Band 2 Roster

Overall Results

Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Benefits of Private Lessons

Private lessons cost money, let's just get that out of the way because I know that it is a major concern and is probably the main reason why many of our students in District 5 do not take them.  However, these lessons are the single most contributing factor in student success in class and creating hard-working students who have a love and passion for music.  More importantly, they give the students better chance to have more fun in band class!

There is money to be given to non-music students for college.  This is probably one of the greatest benefits of private lessons.  My sister, for instance, went to school for nursing, but loved band and music and she received scholarship money from her school just to play in the concert band!  It was a big help to my parents financially for college and allowed her to quickly find a group of friends in a new place.  This also happened for a 2011 Byrnes graduate at Auburn University.  Despite the fact that she was not a music major, she made the wind ensemble there and got to go to China on a concert tour with them!  South Carolina's wind ensemble went to China recently as well.  Colleges have money available for those students, but they have to be able to make the ensembles.  If they have had these private lessons, there is a great chance that they can, and the earlier they start, the better schools they can get into.

I do reward students at Berry Shoals for enrolling private lessons.  Students who are taking private lessons can participate in Region band try-outs (6th grade) and can also prepare a solo to play for judges at the annual Solo & Ensemble event (5th or 6th) and receive a rating, both sponsored by SCBDA.  Also, taking private lessons, will guarantee your student a spot in the 6th grade Honor Band that takes a field trip in March of each year.  And as one final incentive, the students that are good enough to make region band get to go to Carowinds at the end of the year with FCMS!

If your student has really grown to love their instrument and love the band class they get to be in everyday, this is a great way to further that love by allowing the student to find success faster.  I would love to say that I can give all of your students as much attention as they need and deserve but with an average class size of 45 and overall around 250 students, it is just not possible to give them that kind of attention.  On their own with me in class they will do things that will amaze you and they will learn so much you'll be impressed I'm sure, but that extra help that a private lesson provides is a way to grow that knowledge and understanding into so much more!

As always, I'm here to help and please leave comments below or email me directly with any questions you may have!

Mr. Valentine

Friday, December 2, 2016

Concert Information!!

Below is the letter I sent home about the concert the week before Thanksgiving.  If you didn't get this letter please talk to your students about the importance of them bringing you information.

Dear Band Parents,
                  As you know, on Monday December 5th at 1:15pm and 6:00pm we will be having our Winter Concert.  The 1:15 performance will be at Berry Shoals in the Gym (and should only be attended if you cannot attend the evening), and the 6:00 performance will be at the District 5 Fine Arts Center.  I wanted to remind you of the information that you agreed upon by signing the band handbook.   Our call time for the concert will be at 5:30. The students can enter the performer’s entrance in the back, or the hallway BETWEEN the band room and the FAC.  Big instruments such as percussion, tubas, baritones, trombones, etc. will be taken over to the FAC for the students.  This DOES INCLUDE any instrument that normally cannot be taken home on your student’s bus.  Flutes, clarinets, and oboes must be taken home and brought to the concert by the student.  If your child plays saxophone or trumpet, and your bus driver normally lets you take them home on the bus then that is what you will do, but if not, then we will take it over for you. 
GRADES:  Students’ grades will be affected if they are not there, are late to their seat, not in proper concert attire, or if they leave early as attendance for the 6th grade portion is a part of their grade.  The 5th grade will meet directly on the stage; the 6th grade will meet in the band room, both by 5:30.  Not walking in at 5:30 but in place ready to go at 5:30!


DO WEAR:            
Black, nice Skirt at least to the knees, or black
dress pants. 
Black shoes
A nice white blouse
Jewelry is permitted but nothing big and distracting i.e. big hoop earrings or earrings that sing or light Up.

Big earrings, as mentioned before.
Jeans or shorts
Flip flops or anything with holes in it or that
would break school dress code.


Black dress pants
Completely Black shoes / black socks!
White collared shirt.
Berry Shoals Polo is great!

Multi-colored strings or parts of the shoe
                  Shoe must be completely black
White socks!
Jeans or shorts
Anything with holes in it or would break school dress code.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Winter Concert and Extra Credit!

This email was sent out through Powerschool earlier today.  If you aren't receiving my emails, please contact our front office to make sure your email is entered correctly into Infosnap and our system.

Hello band students and parents!

It’s hard to imagine, but the 2016 Winter Concert is fast upon us!  The concert is December 5th and the students will perform twice, once in the afternoon at BRSH for the whole school and again at night (6pm) for you and your families at the District Five Fine Arts Center.  Remember, by signing the band handbook, you acknowledged that your student is required to attend this event for a grade, is to stay the whole time, and is to wear the proper concert attire which is white on black described in the handbook.  A letter will be sent home soon with more detail about the concert, but I wanted to give you a heads up that you need to be preparing the student’s concert attire for the school year.


Once again these nine weeks I will be offering an extra 100 on the report card for attendance to any of the following events:

Rebel Regiment Sendoff Performance:  Tuesday Nov. 8 Nixon Field 6:30pm

Converse College Wind Ensemble:  Nov. 14th Twitchell Auditorium, Converse College 7:30pm
            I’m playing in this one!!

Florence Chapel Concert:  Nov. 17th D5FAC 6:30pm

DR Hill Concert:  Nov. 15th D5FAC 6:30pm

Beech Springs Concert: Dec. 15th D5FAC  6:00pm

Any district 5 band event will count, including away marching band trips, I’ve already received some.  I’d love to see you guys at the RR sendoff to Nationals and a community celebration of the first ever 5A STATE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

This is all for now!  If you aren’t getting my emails, either join the blog or contact the front office to see if your email is correct in our system.  Let me know if you have any questions!!